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Max Distance between enclosures that are using stacking links

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Max Distance between enclosures that are using stacking links

Ricardo had a stacking link question:




On  this document  “Virtual Connect Multi-Enclosure Stacking Reference Guide”    I find  this information ;


“..The Multi Enclosure Stacking feature was designed and tested for enclosures that are physically close to each other, in a single rack or in a few racks side-by-side. However, stacking can be achieved and is supported with any of the cabling options supported by Virtual Connect, including optical fiber on longer distances.”



But  there isn´t   information about maxima  distance  between enclosure,    Does somebody  know  this information?




Input from Aleksandar:

We had the similar question while preparing for enclosure deployment across datacenter halls and we were not able to find any specific answer. The way it is worded, you are limited by the actual cable type and its supported length.


And info from Vincent:

Be sure to consider the important caveat in the sentence right after the one you quoted in the doc.

Maximum distances are specified in the VC module quickspecs depending on the transceiver and fiber cables used.




Have you run long distances successfully for stacking links?