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Migrating from VC Flex10 Enet to VC FlexFabric modules

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Migrating from VC Flex10 Enet to VC FlexFabric modules

An upgrade question from Ajith:




One of my customer planning to migrate from  VC Flex10 Enet module to VCFlexFabric.

-          Can we import VC domain to new Flex fabric?

-          Any known issues?

-          Any best practices or recommendations?




Input from Dan:




I don’t believe your domain can be backed up and restored via the standard Backup/Restore process when migrating across module types.  That Backup and Restore is meant for DR only.  You should backup anyway, but just as a fail back option.


Use the “SHOW CONFIG –IncludePoolInfo” CLI command to dump the config script from the Flex-10 today, tweak the Uplink Sets as needed to match the ports you plan to use on the FlexFabric, and then after proceeding through the basic Domain Setup Wizard on the FlexFabrics, you can go back in through SSH and paste the script based backup in to restore all the Networks and Profiles and such.


Note that putty doesn’t always handle pasting of large amounts of data into an SSH session very well, so I would only do like 10 lines at a time.  Will still be pretty quick though.




And from Fred:




Dan’s right that you can’t back up with the old modules, swap modules and restore with the new modules. This whitepaper has more details on how to migrate a domain from older to newer VC modules.