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Migrating from Virtual Connect Flex-10 to Flex-10/10D modules

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Migrating from Virtual Connect Flex-10 to Flex-10/10D modules

Joe had a question regarding VC migration:




Greetings experts,


My customer wants to start planning migration from VC Flex-10 to VC Flex-10/10D.  This is due to Flex-10 EOL.  I found the guide for VC 1/10 to Flex-10/10D migration, .


Looking for a similar doc for Flex-10 to Flex-10/10D migration.  The key question is how to do it with minimum disruption to normal blade and chassis operations.


Pointers/cookbooks/best practices will be greatly appreciated.




Input from Dan:




The short version is you will need to take all blades in that chassis down.


If they are using VC Assigned MAC addresses or Serial Numbers, you want to try to get them up to VC 4.20 because then the SHOW CONFIG command gets an optional switch that says –IncludePoolInfo and will output the current Virtual MAC/Serial (and WWPN but in your particular case that’s not needed).

So when you run the resulting script on the 10D modules (with some minor tweaks), the VC Profiles retain their Virtual MACs.


Now all that being said, MY recommendation is to have them simply buy a new c7000 WITH the 10D modules in it.

It will be only slightly more expensive, you can setup the 10D modules ahead of time and then migrate your blades 1 at a time from the old c7000 to the new one to reduce downtime and the Big Bang effect.  Your new c7000 gets a fresh 3 yr warranty.  And the old c7000 can now be moved into a Dev/Test role if needed so they have a place to test Blade firmware updates and such before rolling them into production.


PS: The Flex-10 is not being dropped from support in the near term as far as I know.  It’s simply not sold anymore.  So I wouldn’t think there is a rush to buy 10D modules unless they need to stack with a newly purchased 10D enclosure.




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