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Migration to C7000 internal broacde switch

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Migration to C7000 internal broacde switch

David had a migration question:




I have a customer who currently is connected to P2000 FC via LOM  to Flexfabric to external brocade switch to a P2000FC

They are going to move to move to HBAto a Internal Brocade to a P2000FC


High Level Answers are fine. Im not looking for a detailed step by step.



1) What will be the best method for to migrate to the new HP/Brocade hardware?

2) Can the same Virtual Connect (VC) configuration exist?

            - What happens to the server profiles?

            - What happens to the WWNs? Can they be reused?

            - What happens to the WWNs/Hosts that are presented to the P2000?




Input from Vincent:




I’m assuming the VC FlexFabric modules will actually stay, and you’re just adding an HBA mezz and Brocade switch interconnects. Out of curiosity, why is this being done ?

Then the server profiles will remain, but the WWNs that were used for the FCoE connections will NOT be used by the HBA connections. Those will use the factory WWNs of the HBAs, zoning and LUN presentation will have to be modified. VC will not manage the connections going through non-VC interconnects.




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