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Mix SFP Single / Multi mode within the same Shared Uplink Set (SUS)

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Mix SFP Single / Multi mode within the same Shared Uplink Set (SUS)

Mohammed had a transceiver question:




Dear Experts

                Can I mix two different SFP’s Single mode and Multi-mode within the same SUS in the Virtual connect configuration in case the external Switch is supported to have VPC “ Virtual Port Channel “.





Reply from Hoa: 

Single mode SFP (10 km max) requires long range fiber (light green or teal color)  vs. multi-mode uses short range (orange like).   You can’t use short range fiber on long range SFP, vice versa for other combo.    Practical point of view, long range SFP costs nearly twice short range and you need both ends (VC-switch).    And laying different fiber types for one or more enclosures?   I don’t know.     


To your question about vPC, I don’t think VC cares once in automatic mode, if vPC set correctly on the Nexus, VC gives you the same LAG.   


And from Robert:

Nexus vPC groups often include different media (single and multimode) SFPs.  This is fully supported on the Cisco side (with the correct SFP type matched to the fibre, of course) and commonly used for vPCs across sites.  As Hoa says, the VC side doesn’t care either.