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Mixing VC Flex-10 and Brocade 8GB SAN switches

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Mixing VC Flex-10 and Brocade 8GB SAN switches

A configuration question from Mark:




We have a customer looking to use Flex-10 for Ethernet (bays 1 and 2) and Brocade 8GB SAN switches for FC (bays 2-6, most likely). This appears to be supported (e.g. the VC Quickspecs reference "other" interconnects as being supported, and Watson/SBW doesn't complain about the configuration), but I can't find any documentation specifically referencing it as so.


Have any of you done this, or had customers do it? Are there any gotchas or downsides to this configuration? Any issues with the PowerPack software stack (e.g. ISL trunking)?




Reply from Michael:

I have customers that have created similar configurations with both Brocade and Cisco switches. The Brocade example used the older 4Gb switches. Nevertheless, there are no restrictions that I'm aware of for such a configuration. As you probably know, servers lose the ability use movable server profiles if SAN switches are used instead of VC-FC (or FlexFabric) modules.


And from Mark:

It is a valid configuration and exactly what you referenced in the QuickSpecs and User Guides as "Other", is the guideline.