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Mixing VC FlexFabric and VC FibreChannel modues

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Mixing VC FlexFabric and VC FibreChannel modues

Mara had a customer question:




A customer wants to mix BL46x Gen8 with embedded FlexibleLOM 10Gb and BL86xi with embedded 10Gb Eth + 1 Qlogic in one single enclosure.

The enclosure is configured with 2 VC FFabric + 2 VC FC 8Gb.

He wants to use the 2 VC FlexFabric to support the split of the CNA of the BL46x (while for Integrity he will use only the Flex-10 capability) , while he will use the 2 VC FC to guarantee the SAN connectivity for Integrity blades.


Is this configuration allowed?




Info from Mark:




Yes, for the BL86xi, you will have Ethernet and  FC Connections and for the BL46x Gen8 you will configure Ethernet and FCoE connections in the Profile.




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