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Mixing of Virtual Connect - Fibre Channel modules

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Mixing of Virtual Connect - Fibre Channel modules

Dave had a Virutal Connect customer question:





                I have a site that is wanting to use 2, 20-port VC-FC modules vertically with 2, 24-port VC-FC modules next to the 20 port. i.e.


Bays 3 & 5 with 24 port VC-FC

Bays 4 & 6 with 20 port VC-FC modules.


I do not believe that there would be any issue, but would like to know if anyone has done this or if there would be any problems with this mix?


My guess is that they want to use the 24 port modules for ultimate Production redundancy and the 20 ports for something else, like Backup.




Jim answered with:




VC modules must be identical in horizontal bays.  Always.

The 8GB 20 and 24 port modules have different chip sets and different firmware.  You cannot mix them.




Hope that helps. Any other quesitons or comments?