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Monitoring VC port performance

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Monitoring VC port performance

Management is always a big topic when discussing network peroformance. Here is another  discussion:


César asked the question:



Hi friends, can anybody tell me if with ICE (maybe PMP) or any hp management tool can we monitor the bandwidth use by each port in a virtual connect?



Greg showed an example:



You can look at the statistics of each port.  Just drill in via the GUI.  I'd HOPE that there would be some SNMP oid/tables requests that VC firmware would return the same information.  You could then point any snmp collector at these interfaces - ie MRTG, HP Openview, etc


MRTG – simple example


If you just install perl & mrtg.  Follow the std mrtg install and have mrtg retrieving basic counter stats within 30min of starting.

Note: With a little investigation of what stats you need, you can reasonably quickly come up with a web page listing trending info for the VC modules etc. See below.


Management Console.jpg 

Any other suggestions?? Did you try this?