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Move vc profile from bl860c to bl870c

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Move vc profile from bl860c to bl870c

We've moved profiles between like for like servers before but are seeing problems moving a profile from a bl860c to a bl870c (on same enclosure).


Before I spend too much time troubleshooting is this possible? Can't find any docs to help.


I'm not using the tool now but I'm sure when I looked at VCEM it was not able to perform this function as it complained of incompatible hardware..





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Re: Move vc profile from bl860c to bl870c

Will check and get back to you.

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Re: Move vc profile from bl860c to bl870c

Here is what came from our experts:


You can theoretically move a profile from any server to any other, but the issue will be that the mappings will change if the machines are not identically configured as far as the Networking goes.


Since the 860 has 4 x 10GB and the 870 effectively has 8 x 10GB, all your mappings will change.


Easiest way to see this is to COPY the profile to the 870 and Apply and then go back and look at the mappings column.  Mappings will be way off after the first 4 vNICs.



Hope this helps.