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Moving VC WWN from FlexFabric/CNA to VCFC/HBA?

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Moving VC WWN from FlexFabric/CNA to VCFC/HBA?

Torbjorn had a customer question:




I have a customer who is going to move his FC traffic from the onboard Emulex CNA adapter using FCoE to a QLogic FC HBA. Is it possible “to move” the port WWN from the FCoE/FlexFabric to FC/HBA?


Hardware is BL465c G7, FlexFabric and newly installed 4Gb FC VC modules.




Reply from Bhavin:

It should work if you do it as below –

1.Select a server provide.

2.Delete the FCOE connections in the provide and save it. (this will free up the VC WWNs)

3.Edit the profile once again and configured the FC connections for Mezz cards and apply.(you should see the same WWNs assigned)



Input from Kelly:

I would also recommend you capture a GOOD VC config backup before you do anything, that way, worse case, you could  recreate the profiles via CLI.   Unfortunately, the “show config” output from the VCM cli does NOT include virtual WWNs, WWIDs or serial numbers.  I wished there was an option to the command to tell it to include of those items (ale-carte).


Bhavin – I would not have thought that process would have worked.  Does the VCM try to re-use a previously assigned WWID to the same profile as a “preferred” choice?  It would be a great hidden feature to prevent customers who accidently delete the FC connections and want to re-add them right away.  Keep one mistake from causing more work, like having to re-zone.




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