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Moving VCEM Database


Moving VCEM Database

Hey all.. my SIM\VCEM DB (6.3) is currently running on a sharded SQL server. I'd lik to move the database to a local SQL instance and them upgrade everything to 6.3.1. I wouldn't be switching to a new CMS.. just moving the database. Is the an SOP for this?

Hongjun Ma
Trusted Contributor

Re: Moving VCEM Database

VCEM uses the HP SIM database.


I'm not a DB guy but this link provides you some good discussion around the topic


there are two white papers referred

“How to move an HP Systems Insight Manager SQL 2005 SP3 database from local to remote server White Paper”


"Data Migration of an Existing Microsoft Windows CMS to a new Insight Software 6.2 System White Paper":


hope it helps

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