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Moving blades within same Virtual Connect Doman Group

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Moving blades within same Virtual Connect Doman Group

Ed had a customer question on moving servers within a Virtual Connect Domain:




Customer has an Multi-Enclosure Stacking (MES) group (No VCEM involved just VCM) with three blade enclosures in one Domain group.

They want to downsize to one enclosure and take the other two enclosures offline.


From one of these enclosures going offline they want to take four of the servers and move them down to the current base enclosure along with those profiles that belong to those four servers.

Their question is… will they lose the WWNs that are held in the profiles?  I would think not… but I thought I’d get another opinion or two.


Here’s their plan of action they sent me:


1. Identify servers
2. Backup VCM Domain and record WWNs and MACs for affected servers
3. Move/ rearrange blades in the bottom enclosure
4. Schedule down time and move profiles
5. Validate server’s functionality in the new location
6. Create a second uplink port on the bottom enclosure
7. Move the uplink cable from the top to the bottom enclosure
8. Clean up Virtual Connect
   a) Unassigned all profiles from the top 2 enclosures
   b) Clean shared uplink on the top enclosure
   c) Clean up SAN Fabrics
   d) Delete top 2 enclosures from the domain
9. Validate server’s functionality in the new location
10. Disconnect stacking links
11. Execute network failover from A-side to B-side
12. Validate replication


Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.




Dan replied:




Their plan looks pretty solid to me.


8c – Clean up SAN Fabrics

This may be a slight issue as when you say Fabric_A gets enc0:X1, it automatically assigns Fabric_A to enc1:X1 and enc2:X1

So you might not be able to clean up Fabrics (ie, remove the Uplinks from Enc1 and Enc2) like you think.

Just skip and when you delete the 2 other enclosures the problem is solved.


6+8b – Make sure you do it in this order.

If you drop an SUS down to ZERO uplinks, even without hitting Apply, any Networks flagged with SmartLink will get SmartLink turned off.  You then have to go back in and re-enable Smart Link on every Network you wanted it on after adding uplinks back in.

I’ve already raised this to the BSRT and they are looking into changing that to only occur after hitting Apply with no uplink ports defined.




Other suggestions for Ed?