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Multi-Enclosure Stacking Flex10/10-D question

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Multi-Enclosure Stacking Flex10/10-D question

Jean-Yves had a MES question:




Hello All

Just a confirmation and hope an explaination is possible, from Installation guide

We need to have same type of interconnect in MES configuration so

Customer can’t create an MES configuration with Mix up of 10/10-d ? (Flex10 in first enclosure and remaining enclosure populated with 10-d)

Is it still true ? why this restriction since customer can’t order anymore flex10 to build a desired MES configuration

Thanks in advance




Reply from Fred:




This restriction is due to port and stacking link differences between the Flex-10 and Flex 10/10D modules.


You can have the customer upgrade the old enclosure to Flex 10/10D. You might investigate outside sources for Flex 10 modules. Or you could configure the new modules in a separate VC domain and direct-connect the old and new domains. If you go with the direct-connect configuration, verify that the failover mode is manual and not auto. That way you can control which path is active on both sides and which is standby.