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Multi-Enclosure Stacking (MES) distance limitations?

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Multi-Enclosure Stacking (MES) distance limitations?

Alexei had an MES question:




What is a maximum distance between two enclosures for stacking?

In other words: can I to connect two enclosures ( 500 m distance) use Long wave SFP?




From Lionel:




The distance support is not linked to VC but to the physical layer (transceiver and fiber) you are going to use. It has probably not been tested but if you follow the maximum distance support of the Ethernet standards relating to 1Gb and 10Gb (SX, SR, LR, etc.) the traffic between enclosures will just run fine and the VC Domain will not complain.


The 1000BASE-SX standard (using the 1Gb SFP transceivers) specifies a distance capability of 550m with 50μm multimode fiber.

At 10Gb, they can use the 10Gb SFP+ Long Range transceiver (10GBASE-LR) which supports up to 10km using a single mode 9μm fiber, 10km using a 6.2μm, etc.




That was what I had heard before. Anyone doing long distance data centers with long stacking links?