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Multi-Enclosure Stacking and 2 Virtual Connect pairs per enclosure

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Multi-Enclosure Stacking and 2 Virtual Connect pairs per enclosure

Charles had a Multi-Enclosure Stacking question:




I’m looking for a cabling diagrams for a multi-enclosure stacking scenario

where the customer has the following:


VC-Flex 10 in bays 1&2

VC-FC in bays 3&4

VC 1/10F in bays 5&6


Basically I’m curious to see how, or if, we would/could run our

Ethernet cabling from the VC 1/10 into the VC-Flex-10 , or if we

would only interconnect the VC 1/10F between them or any other



Where can I read on this specifically and the different implications

of one or the other cabling configuration ?




Vincent had some suggestions:




The multi-enclosure stacking guide is your friend:

All its diagrams only have 2 modules per enclosure but it’s easy to adapt to 4 modules per enclosure: you could use the diagram with 4 enclosures in the paper to connect 2 enclosures with 4 modules each (same total of 8 modules). All the Virtual Connect Ethernet modules must be connected via stacking links in the domain, no difference whether they are Flex-10 or 1/10, they all need to be part of the stack.




Good info. Use the guides. They have a lot of useful data. Other suggestions?