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Multi-Enclosure Stacking paper V2

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Multi-Enclosure Stacking paper V2

Chris in our Technical Pre-Sales team has updated the technical paper on Multi-Enclosure Stacking.



Hey Team

I’ve edited and changed the multi-enclosure stacking paper.

I’ve added some content and modified the graphics.  I have also edited the stacking examples as well.



Be among the first to review it and comment back to Chris.

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Re: Multi-Enclosure Stacking paper V2

Nice document.  It would be interesting to see a pro's and cons section or to gauge on this thread  what people are seeing in the field.  E.g. the benefits of cable aggregation and a fast internal network vs resilience.  If the base chassis containing the managers were to fail for instance then I assume the remaining 3 chassis will function from a LAN perspective but the manager chassis would need to be brought back online to make any changes?


I've mainly seen single chassis or non-stacked chassis with VCEM control in the field though there is much more interest in stacking now that it is mature.

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Re: Multi-Enclosure Stacking paper V2

On page 8 the document references "SFP+ DAC" as an alternative to the CX4 connectors. I am unable to find these as an option on the Flex-10 Quickspecs. Is this an unreleased option? Or am I missing it?
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Re: Multi-Enclosure Stacking paper V2

Just want to confirm as it doesn't appear I can take advantage of this. I have two c7000 enclosures, each with slots 1-4 populated with 1/10 ethernet Virtual Connect modules. I was hoping to be able to keep my vmotion traffic for vsphere contained to a private network i had build in the first encolsure.