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Re: Multi-Enclosure Stacking quesiton

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Multi-Enclosure Stacking quesiton

Paul had a stacking question for the new HP FlexFabric Modules:




Hi All,


I have a customer who is looking at purchasing two FlexFabric modules per c7000. They haven’t yet done their core network upgrade, so for the initial deployment they are going to be using the 1Gb RJ45 SFP modules. Can they put 4 of them in ports x5-x8 per FlexFabric module? Obviously this will disable the stacking links, so can they then put 10gb DAC cables in ports x1 and x2? This would allow us to have 4Gb per VC module to the core, whilst maintaining our stacking links between VC modules?




Input from Vincent:




Yes, that’s fine. Should not be a problem.




For more info on Multi-Enclosure Stacking see this:


For more info on the Virtual Connect FlexFabric Module see here:



Re: Multi-Enclosure Stacking quesiton


I have some follow-up questions and comments.


There appears to be different stacking methodologies depending on the type of line card (i.e. Flex 10 vs Flex Fabric).  Looking at multiple HP documents online, I can't seem to find a document that shows mutli-enclosure stacking using hte Flex Fabric?  Second, it appears that the latest firmware version(s) has changed some options for stacking (releases 3.3, 3.5 and higher?)


What I'm looking for is a document that provides stacking scenarios where there are multi-enclosures (4 enclosures) using the same Flex Fabric 10/24 modules (pairs).  Is there a document or can someone help with the proper stacking configuration?