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Multi-enclosure domain LACP suggestion?

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Multi-enclosure domain LACP suggestion?


Sanjaya had a multi-enclosure  question:




Need your urgent assistance to have one CSM setup correctly.

We have three enclosures in One VC Domain. All enclosures using VC-Flex10 modules.

As you can see there are 4 uplinks from first enclosure, 4 uplinks from second and two Uplinks from third enclosure.

As per our understanding all these 10 Uplinks (4+4+2) should be configured for LACP on the switch side (all switch ports connecting to these uplinks should be part of one aggregate). When we configure this, we get 4 or 5 uplinks as linked-Active and all other are linked-Standby. We want to have Active/Active configuration.

Also, the second enclosure hosts twelve ESX hosts and the VMs seems to have packet drop issue.


Then, recently we heard that the LACP configuration is not supported across multiple VC Modules.

Could you please help us how the Uplinks LACP need to be configured.


Should we take 4 Uplinks from first enclosure (SUS-A) and 4 uplinks from second enclosure (SUS-B) and no uplinks from third enclosure.

And discard all other uplinks ?







Input from Dave:




Take 4 Uplinks from first enclosure (SUS1-A), 4 uplinks from second enclosure (SUS2-A) and 2 uplinks from third enclosure (SUS3-A).

On the switch, create 3 LACP channels (with 3 different channel numbers) and allow the same vlan IDs on all 3 of them.


For the other path do the same: SUS1-B, SUS2-B and SUS3-B.


If the 3 enclosures are stacked together (one single domain) and  you want an active/active setup, configure your profiles to distribute the load  with all this paths.


Blade1-Enc1 uses SUS1-A and SUS1-B

Blade1-Enc2 uses SUS2-A and SUS2-B

Blade1-Enc3 uses SUS3-A and SUS3-B

Blade5-Enc3 uses SUS1-A and SUS3-B


You can also consider to plug 5 cables in enc1 and 5 cables in enc2, with no cables in enc3 and then create SUS1-A, SUS1-B,SUS2-A and SUS2-B with 5 uplinks each.

Communications from enc3, will use the stacking cables connected to enc1 and enc2 to reach the external switches.




Any other comments or suggestions?