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Multi-enclosure stacking in FlexFabric Environment

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Multi-enclosure stacking in FlexFabric Environment

Sanjay was looking for help:





Can you please help me with a multi-enclosure stacking guide for a Flexfabric based Matrix solutions, just like we have a guide for VC-Flex10 modules.




Dan replied:



The stacking guide is all inclusive including FF.


Just keep in mind with FF + Stacking + FC Uplinks + minimum 1 crosslink, you will run out of free ports VERY quickly.


For this reason I warn customers that if they use FC and need a lot of I/O or they plan to stack with a decent amount of I/O, they may want to consider going Flex-10 and 24port VC FC.  Will double the uplink and downlink bandwidth of both protocol sets.

Perfect example would be 16, BL460s with a lot of memory all running VMware with an FC back end.




Here is the whitepaper: Virtual Connect Multi-Enclosure Stacking Reference Guide