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Multiple Enclosures Stacking (MES) question

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Multiple Enclosures Stacking (MES) question

Hassan had a MES question:





Could you please help me in that matter I have three Enclosures customer want to stack them  I want to know if the interconnects the customer has is supported to be stacked or not and if there is any documents confirming that ,  thanks in advance and appreciate your help.




Vincent replied:




The rules are in the VC setup and install guide and in the stacking whitepaper

You will not be able to stack these 3 enclosures together (different FlexFabric and VC-FC module configuration).

You *might* be able to stack the last 2 together if and only if the 8Gb VC-FC modules in the second enclosure are the 20-port model, not the 24-port.