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Multiple VC modules within one enclosure

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Multiple VC modules within one enclosure

Jay was looking to see how many modules he could realistically put into a c7000 enclosure:




One of my customer need 6 Ethernet adapter and 4 HBA within one server(460Gen8)

20 10Gb uplink and 20 8Gb FC SAN uplink within one enclosure


So I planned to use 1*FlexFabric LOM/1*HBA/1*Flex-10 adapter in one server

                               Use 2*FlexFabric/2*VC-FC/2*Flex-10D module in one enclosure


Is this the possible configuration within one enclosure?

And I know when using more than two Virtual Connect Ethernet Modules in a single enclosure I need  stacking links. So I need to stack FlexFabric and Flex10D But how about VC-FC, can I configure those module within one VC domain?




Input from Dan:

the BL460 only has 3 option slots, and with 10Gb cards and HBAs you will only ever be able to use 6 of the 8 interconnects.

Since you cannot mix ICs horizontally that leaves you 3 pairs.


2 x Flex-10/ 10D modules will give you 20x10Gb uplinks and 8 FlexNICs

2 x VC FC 24port modules will give you 16 FC uplinks and 2 HBAs


If you really need 4 HBAs and 20 Uplinks then get 4 VC FC and 2 HBA Mezz.



Just keep in mind the Max LACP members per LAG is 8 so you cannot use all 10 up links in a single LAG on the 10D.


And input from Vincent:

I agree with Dan, his config is slightly cheaper (a VC-FC module is cheaper than a FlexFabric module). I would also check with the customer that they really need that much bandwidth on the uplinks, what's the use case ? With a smaller uplink requirement you could go with one pair of FlexFabric (providing 6 FlexNICs and 2 FlexHBAs) and one pair of VC-FC (providing the other 2 HBAs).

In either case, both your config and Dan's are doable, you can have 6 VC modules in a domain, no problem.




Other suggestions or questions?