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NC551m Network mezz card question

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NC551m Network mezz card question

Rick had a network mezz card quesiton:






Can anyone tell me why NC551m is not supported on BL460/90 G7 but is on G6.


Here is my dilemma.


Customer is on RHEL 5.3 and not willing to move up.


G7 BE3 FlexFabric adapter integrated is not supported on 5.3, so the customer was thinking since NC551m is certified on G6, they could do this and move their FLEX 10 modules on new enclosure installs to bays 3-4 and bypass the LOMS (just for those blades that need 5.3 support).


Anyway, any G2 on if this is just a testing thing that ISS has not done or if there is much more a technical reason why it is not supported.






Input from Ken and Jerome:




You can’t mix different versions of the Emulex FlexFabric adapter/LOM in the same system. The new G7 Intel -based blades have a BE3 LOM and the NC551m has a BE2 LOM. You cannot mix BE3 and BE2 LOMs on the same blade.




Any other input or questions?