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NFS settings for ESXi and VC

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NFS settings for ESXi and VC


Dear experts, could you please help me with one question regarding ligament VC, ESXi and NFS?

What we have:
HP c7000 enclosure with two "HP VC FlexFabric 10/24" modules (active/active mode).
Each VC module connected to two LAN switches with Link Aggregation (LACP).
2 SUSs, 8 vNets (4 VLANs from each module). Smart Link is enabled. Flow Control is disabled. Jumbo Frames is enabled.
Into server (vSphere) present 4 adapters.
Each vSwitch has one adapter with vNets from first VC and one adapter with vNets from second VC. Balancing - Port ID.
The storage provides several NFS exports for vSphere hosts.
The scheme attached.

The question - should we use failover order "Active/Active" for NFS vmkernel or Active/Standby (by advice from Cookbook for vMotion)?

The advice for vMotion:
"As this Scenario is based on an Active/Active configuration, to ensure that ALL VMotion traffic between servers within the enclosure is contained to the same module, on each server edit the VMotion vSwitch properties and move one of the Adapters to Standby.  This will ensure that ALL VMotion traffic will occur on the same Virtual Connect module."

What I'm afraid - during upgrade of VC module VMs could lost their storage.

Thank you in advance.