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NLB issues with VC 4.10

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NLB issues with VC 4.10



i Have a 11 node 2012 hyper-v cluster(bl460Gen8) with 2 teamed interfaces connected to a virtual switch on each host.

These hosts are spread out across 3 different c7000 enclosures with flexfabric modules. Two of the enclosures are on VC 3.75 and one is VC4.10. i have two vm's configured with nlb. as long as the vm's doesnt reside on a host in the enclosure with VC4.10 Everything works as expected but as soon as i move one vm into the vc4.10 enclosre the nlb stops working.


Is there some features in VC4.10 that drops unicast traffic that is on by default?


any ideas anyone?


/regsards jorgen