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NPAR NIC Disconnected in ESXi 6.5

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NPAR NIC Disconnected in ESXi 6.5


Not only am I new to the forums but I'm also new to Virtual Connect.

Currently I'm in the process of designing/deploying a new environment which consists of:

- C7000 enclosures
- Virtual COnnect swicthes in bays 1, 2 + 5, 6
- BL460c Gen 9 Blades with 1 x 536FLB (LOM) and 1 x 534M in Mez slot 2 (both dual port
- All firmware/drivers deployed from the latest support packs

I define the following NPARs in the server profile:

LOM 1a - vmnic0
LOM 2a - vminc1
MEZ 1a - vmnic2
MEZ 2a - vmnic3
LOM 1b - vmnic4
LOM 2b - vminc5
MEZ 1b - vmnic6
MEZ 2b - vmnic7

That works and the ESXi 6.5 hosts see all the nic's that Virtual Connect is presenting to the blade. The problem is that more often than not, a number of the nic's show as disconnected in ESXi. We did find this link from Jan 2016 (describes our issue perfectly) but I have not been able to find anything since that states the issue has been resolved.

Is anyone else seeing this with newly deployed kit??? Is there something I'm not thinking about when defining the NPAR NICs???

Thanks in advance