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NPAR NICs show as disconnected

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NPAR NICs show as disconnected


New to the forums and to Virtual Connect and already, on a completly new environment being built, I have an issue that I cannot find clarity on.

So, what we have is the following:

- C7000 Enclsoure

- Virtual Connect Swicthes in bays 1, 2  + 5 , 6

- BL460C Gen 9 with 1 x 536FLB (LOM) and 1 x 534M in Mez Slot 2 - both adapters are dual port

I'm looking to use NPAR to define a number of adapters that my ESXi 6.5 hosts will see as different vmnics, so for example:

LOM 1a = vmnic0

LOM 2a = vmnic1

MEZ 1a = vmnic2

MEZ 2a = vmnic3

LOM 1b = vmnic4

LOM 2b = vmnic5

MEZ 1b = vmnic6

MEZ 2b = vmnic7

From what I can tell, all firmware/drivers are current.

The problem comes after applying the Server Profile and rebooting, there are times that the ESXi host shows some of the NICs as disconnected.  I found this  link which describes our issue, but it is dated Jan 2016 and I have not been able to find anything newer to say that the issue has been resolved.

I guess others have seen this in the past, but is there an actual resolution to the problem as Jan 2016 seems a long time to go without a fix.

Thanks in advance