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Need help troubleshooting uplinks from Flex 10 to Cisco router

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Andrew E. Troup
Occasional Advisor

Need help troubleshooting uplinks from Flex 10 to Cisco router

Hey All,

I have been fighting with this for a few days and need some help.  None of the blades in my C3000 can talk to the rest of the network, I suspect a configuration problem on the VC modules OR the Cisco Router.  The network guys keep telling me the Cisco router side is fine (port channels up, nothing err-disabled).


My Configuration:


  • C3000, BL460G6 blades (running ESXi 4.1u2, VLAN defined in ESXi)
  • Flex 10 interconnects (each module has 2 x 10Gbps uplinks forming a LAG with the Cisco Router)
  • VLAN Tunnel Mode, NOT a private network, Smart Link Enabled
  • VC Firmware 3.30
  • All links are green and ACTIVE, there are no signs of any problems within virtual connect.

Two weeks ago the blades were able to ping their gateway over the 10Gbps links, but then something happened and now they can ping each other but not the gateway.  The VC network seems ok, since the blades can ping eachother within the chassis.


I am looking for any tips on how to troubleshoot the links between the Virtual Connect and the Cisco Router. 








Hongjun Ma
Trusted Contributor

Re: Need help troubleshooting uplinks from Flex 10 to Cisco router

on Cisco side, if they do "show mac-address", do they learn any vm or host macs from VC side through port channel? which kind of cisco switch/router is it? are they running vpc? can you get the config?


on VC side, can you ssh into VC mgmt ip address and collect the following commands


show lldp <port number>

show uplinkport

show uplinkport <port number>

show interconnect-mac-table enc0:1

show interconnect-mac-table enc0:2

show network <vnet name>


please take a look at my deck VC Network CLI guide for detailed syntax



can you also post screen capture for one of your VC server profile and vswitch configuration?



My VC blog: http://hongjunma.wordpress.com

Andrew E. Troup
Occasional Advisor

Re: Need help troubleshooting uplinks from Flex 10 to Cisco router

Good news, we used some of the CLI commands today and figured out there were two causes:

1. The Cisco config did not have ALL of the VLAN's needed on the trunk.
2. The VC Server Profiles were not configured correctly, the redundant network connection was not setup. So when the VLAN's were not correct on the Cisco switch, the lack of redundancy further complicated the problem.

This is fixed now, thanks for contibuting!