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Nexus 7000 and Virtual Connect Flex-10 question

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Nexus 7000 and Virtual Connect Flex-10 question

Mara had a Virtual Connect and Nexus7000 question:




Hi all

A customer is going to implement  an architecture with Virtual Connect Flex-10 connected to a Procurve switch 6600 (ToR switch) and a Nexus7000 as core switch. They’d like to use the Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) protocol to extend their LAN between two sites.

Do we have some impacts on VC or is VC transparent to this protocol?




Vincent responded:




Presumably OTV would be used between 2 Nexus 7000 in the two sites, VC would be totally unaware of it. The only thing I could think of is that this would extend your broadcast domain so you should be careful that all Virtual Connect domains on both sites use different MAC and WWN ranges if you’re not using VCEM.




Anyone using this now that can comment on this? Let us know.