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No Physical Link on Virtual Connect-Flex10 Module

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No Physical Link on Virtual Connect-Flex10 Module

Chris was having a problem at a customer site:






Having an issue with a chassis that has a single active 10GbE LR uplink in X7 (I didn’t pick the port).  Tried to plug in another live LR transceiver to X2 but there is no physical link being established.  The link light is not illuminating and the port status is ‘unavailable’.  Both ends of the single mode fiber have the correct transceivers for the appropriate gear.  We had the network guy pull negotiation off the links on the switch side, bounced the ports, but they are still not coming up.


Any suggestions?  What am I doing wrong and/or overlooking?




But a light appeared and the problem was solved!


Chris reports success:




Closing the Loop:  Customer used an incorrect SFP+ module.  Sorry to bother.




Always good to get closure