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No management IP address for VC-FC modules

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No management IP address for VC-FC modules

Question from Scott's customer:




We had a power outage today… and now the Virtual Connect 4GB FC modules won’t come back online.  Specifically, they are erroring in Virtual Connect with “No Communication” under VC status.  It appears that they are unable to get a Management IP address from EBIPA in the OA.  It now shows unknown.  And no amount of reseting, rebooting, reseating…anything seems to work.  Hardware status is OK.  OA firmware is the latest: 3.55.   The VC firmware is older, but I didn’t see the point in upgrading it since the VCFC modules would not be able to take the upgrade and the problem seems to be with OA and it being able to get a mg tip.




Input from Marc:




It could be the issue described here:



Document ID: c02540140

Version: 1

Advisory: Virtual Connect - FIRMWARE UPGRADE REQUIRED - 4Gb Virtual Connect Fibre Channel (VC-FC) Modules (Part Number 409513-B21) May Experience a Rare Transient Memory Read Error and After Attempting a Reboot the VC-FC Module May Not Recover




Reply from Scott:




That is EXACTLY the problem we have run in to.  Thanks for sending that… wish I would’ve seen that earlier!




Have you seen this problem?

norbert rudholzer
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Re: No management IP address for VC-FC modules

Hello, we have exactly the same Problem on 2 C3000 Enclosures.
The 4Gb VC Modul ( Part Number 409513-B22)
worked already ~4 Years (FW 2.00 VirtualConnect 4.10)

We had to remove one Modul from Bay 3.
After reinserting it into the same slot, we get "No Communication" an no management IP Adress.

On another C3000 Enclosure with a functioning Module, there is the same.
Now we have 2 Modules not working in Slot 3.

Any suggestions?

Re: No management IP address for VC-FC modules



I have the same problem, but the link is not working.

Can you please help me find the page or maybe give me some help?

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Re: No management IP address for VC-FC modules


I have the same problem.

the link is no longer available
you can help me?
Thank you

Phillip Thayer
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Re: No management IP address for VC-FC modules

Try the following procedure:

Perform a backuop of the VC configuration.

Pull all modules out of the enclosure.

Place the module that was in bay 2 into bay 1.

Place the module that was in bay 4 in bay 3.

Wait for them to power up.

After they power up, remove them and put all modules back in the original positions.

If the configuration is set to derfault then restore the VC backup.


What this will do is reset the modules in bay 2 and 4 which also resets the OA communications.  Then when you put everything back to where it originally was it should communicate just fine.  If this doesn't work you may have a hardware failure and should contact HP about replacing the failed hardware.



Once it's in production it's all bugs after that.