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Re: Not Linked | Loop Detected

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Not Linked | Loop Detected

Guys ! 

Need help on this particular issue. 

Randomly (have happened twice already in last week ) we see the following error message - 

"Not lInked / Loop Detected " 

The above is shown on Virtual Connect GUI, resulting in all NIC's at ESX showing disconnected. 

We fixed this by resetting the server port loop option from the Virtual Connect GUI.  

As per VMWARE support case ,  ESXi host would not create any loop for the HP Virtual Connect uplinks - so it needs to be checked with HP and probably get more details (Mac address, NIC) where the loop was detected.

Can someone point out where to start this troubleshooting ? 

As I read somewhere - it is by design that Flex10D would disconnect/disable downlink ports to servers if it finds a loop in its uplink connections ?  Am I getting this right ? which means that there is a loop getting generated on TOR/Cisco switches propagating down here  ? 


Re: Not Linked | Loop Detected

Hi Theantz

The recommendation to issue about the loop protect in the virtual connect is  associated with the driver and firmware of the network card.

So I recommend you check:

Check if you have latest drivers and firmware of the Network Card

Check if you have latest firmware of the Virtual Connect (use the maximum the 4.50 do not aplly in this momment the most recent release).

Below link of HPE Adivisorys abut this issue:


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