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Onboard Administrator 3.0 and VLAN tagging

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Onboard Administrator 3.0 and VLAN tagging

Artur had a question regarding VLNAs and other management applications networks.



Using OA 3.00 with feature of VLAN Tagging in a enclosure with Virtual Connect, OA and VC interconnect bays must be in the same VLAN, but what happens with iLO bays. Is it necessary that all iLO be in the same VLAN of OA and Virtual Connect??


Monty had some advice and direction.


The primary design intent of the Enclosure VLAN feature is to allow the customer to ISOLATE clients to specific devices (server iLO, interconnects, OA) using management VLANs.


Each of the server iLO can be configured in different VLANs – allowing the customer to use VLAN isolation on the management network all the way from the client PC to the iLO.


There is no impact to Virtual Connect functionality if the iLO has a different VLAN ID than the VLAN ID used for VC and OA.


If the OA is configured on a different VLAN ID than iLO there will be some behavior changes for OA users:

  • If the client is on the same VLAN as the OA – they will be able to log into the OA and use OA role-based user accounts to view permitted server information and the ability to control the server power.
    • But, the OA GUI link to the iLO web GUI and remote consoles will not work if the client is on a different VLAN than the iLO
    • If the client is on the same VLAN ID as the iLO, then they will NOT be able to access the OA because of the VLAN isolation.




Provide good info? Other comments or questions?