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OneView and Virtual Connect specifics

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OneView and Virtual Connect specifics

Marc had some Virtual Connect and HP OneView questions:




While doing a demo today and showing the uplink/down stats, the customer asked:


“It would be nice to be able to set a threshold on throughput stats, so OneView could generate an alert if e.g. 80% throughput for an uplink was reached.”

Is there anything like this on the feature wishlist?


This customer also asked about the plans regarding the reporting within the OneView GUI. I get this question quite frequently… as customers compare with HP SIM reporting capabilities.

And yes, I answered by explaining the API’s and powershell etc…

What are the plans/thoughts  regarding reporting within the OneView GUI?




Matt replied:


Can't comment on any future developments. So here is what you can do today.

The alerts can currently be generated off SNMP traffic and monitoring tools. Such as Nagios.