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Operability between SFP+ and XFP

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Operability between SFP+ and XFP

Donald had a tranceiver question:




We have a custom that uses a BigIron central switch that only support XFP transceivers.  We need to connect the Flex 10- SFP+ uplinks to this switch along with the P4500 10G Uplinks (Also SFP+), will this type of link work or is a end of row type switch for conversion required?




Vincent provided some guidance:




SFP+ and XFP refer to the physical form factor of the transceivers, they do NOT have to be the same at both ends of the connection. What’s important is that the transceivers both support the same 10Gb standard, for example 10GBASE-SR.




Always a lot of cabling quesitons. What works with what? Other comments or questions?