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P2000 Modular Storage Array (MSA) and VC FlexFabric modules

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P2000 Modular Storage Array (MSA) and VC FlexFabric modules

Paul asks:




I have a customer that wants to connect a P2000 MSA using iSCSI controllers (AW595a) via DAC cables directly to FlexFabric modules.  The blades are Bl460c Gen8 with 554FLBs.


Is this possible or do we need a standard Ethernet switch between the P2000 and the FlexFabric modules?


Thanks in advance for your assistance!




Input from Dave:




1.  Will it work?                                                       Yes

2.   Is it recommended?                                       No(little growth/expansion available)

3.  Will it work with other external servers?      No(switch needed in-between)


VC is not technically a switch, so if they need other external servers connecting to the P2000, it can’t be done.


If they ONLY want to connect the enclosure’s blades to the P2000, yes it will work.

They will only be able to have a single uplink per module, as the P2000 cannot do LACP.


The only way that I can see for expansion would be to expand the VC Domain with a MES(Multi-Enclosure Stacked) Domain.




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