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PXE booting with vlan tunnelling enabled

Max Inglis_1
Occasional Contributor

PXE booting with vlan tunnelling enabled

Hey all,


I'm having a problem PXE booting blades using virtual connect.


I have the Flex10G  in vlan tunnelling mode. I have networks separated by their function, and the upstream switch has those vlans assigned by port. I should note all the blades are 465 G5s in this enclosure, so they have expansion NICs in mezz slot 1, HP NC532m cards. The Flex10 VCs are in slot 3/4 because of this. 


I have configured the appropriate vlan in the broadcom BIOS (version 5.0.17) for the nic by pressing ctrl-S at boot and enabling PXE and adding the correct tag. I have disabled PXE for the on-board NICs.


When it boots, it actually gets an address (I can see it on the dhcp server) however it gives me this error:

PXE-E11: ARP Timeout


The upstream port is configured like this - its a cisco nexus 7k


interface Ethernet1/11 

description ENCL14-VC3P1 

switchport mode trunk 

switchport trunk allowed vlan 209-211 

spanning-tree port type edge trunk


Anyone have any ideas?