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Password recovery procedure for a 8-VC domain

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Password recovery procedure for a 8-VC domain



I have a C7000 chassis with 8 HP 1/10Gb VC-Enet Module modules connected together.  This is an inhereted system and the password has been lost.  I tried the documented reset procedure but it was not effective.  I tried the procedure as documented unseating modules 1 and 2 which failed, and I also tried unseating all VC modules and powering on only VC 1 which was also ineffective.  Even with dip switch 1 set the module rejected the password.  I am unable to verify the location of the VC manager as I cannot log into the VC manager, the VC IP settings are incorrect.


Please advise how to reset these modules.  I do not care about the configuration data.  Thanks.

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Re: Password recovery procedure for a 8-VC domain

VC IPs are set in the OA via "Enclosure Bay IP Addressing" or via your existing DHCP Server on the same network as the OA.

You can try mixing up the order of the VC modules in the chassis and then using the OA option under Factory Reset for "Clear VC Mode" and see if you can then configure a new VC domain.