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Placement of Virtual Connect modules in a C3000 chassis

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Placement of Virtual Connect modules in a C3000 chassis

Donald was having wierd behavior on his c3000 chassis:




I have a new C3000 enclosure deployed that has a mix of BL460-G7’s, Storage Blade- Sb2200, and a BL620-G7.  In the profile creation, I cannot get the multiple LOMS to show up,(LOM1-A,LOM1b…) on the BL460 servers.  All that will show up is LOM1 and LOM2 and the speed is 1gb.  There is a Flex-10 module in slot 1.  The firmware is not the most current but not that old either (3.18 on the VC, and the 5/5/2011 on the blades).  Any clues on what would cause this behavior?




Lee replied:



I did not think that FC was supported in bay 2 on the c3000. I thought it needed to be an Ethernet module


The rules for the placement of Virtual Connect modules are documented in the Installation and Setup Guide.  See page 29 for the configurations supported with a C3000 enclosure.  Bay 2 must be either be the same VC module as in Bay 1 or no module.