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Predicting World-Wide names (WWNs) with HP OneView

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Predicting World-Wide names (WWNs) with HP OneView

Andy had a question when using HP OneView rather that Virtual Connect Manager (VCM) or Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM):




When using VCM and VCEM we can predict the World-Wide Names) for Fibre Channel devices (WWNs) created for server profiles based on the address pool base address.  Is this something we can do in HP OneView as I do not see where we set the working address pool?




Reply from Vincent:




You can view the ranges in Settings->Addresses and Identifiers

Rather than predicting, why don't you create the server profiles (leave them unassigned if you don't have the servers yet) and extract the WWN from them ? Or if you must, use the "Use user-specified IDs" option when creating a profile connection and allocate the WWNs yourself.