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Private links between 2, c7000 via VC Flex-10 interconnect

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Private links between 2, c7000 via VC Flex-10 interconnect

Dennis had a Private VLAN question:





My question is based on the goal of setting up two 10Gb links between to non-stacked c7000 via the VC Flex10 interconnects (455880-B21) as pictured below.  The c7000 will have the typical connections to the switch pair but due to the large amount of traffic between the IBRIX nodes on the left and the Iternity ICAS encryption nodes on the right – a private 10Gb is appropriate.

Is private (non-stacked) links between Flex-10 interconnects possible?






Input from Chad:




Yes it is supported


Page 29 of the latest Setup and Install guide for VC:


You can also directly associate the uplinks from two enclosures from different domains so that servers in the

two domains attached to the networks configured for those uplinks can communicate with one another. This

configuration establishes a private communication path between the two enclosures. However, the

communication path is public for all of those servers and applications associated with it. Traffic would not

flow from an upstream switch over that direct connection.

The two enclosures can communicate with each other by a dedicated uplink port or a shared uplink port

defined on each enclosure. These uplinks on the two enclosures can be “teamed” using LACP because both

domains run LACP active. The link between the two enclosures cannot have any additional active links

connected to other targets. Only networks defined for that link can be shared between the two enclosures.




Any other comments for Dennis?