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Problem updating with Virtual Connect Support Utility(VCSU)

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Problem updating with Virtual Connect Support Utility(VCSU)

Ana was having troubles updating a customer Virtual Connect modules with the latest code:



Hello everybody


We have a problem when we try to update a VC Flex-10 using VCSU. The command we use is as follows:


vcsu -a update -i <OA IP> -u <OA user> -p <OA Password> -vcu <VC user> -vcp <VC password> -l <file path>


It seems to perform 2 steps, but it stands still when arriving to step 3:


Gathering module and package information [Step 3 of 3: 30 seconds]_


Everything is up to date except VC, and we are trying tu upgrade to the latest version (3.0).


We have checked the connectivity, the users and passwords, and SSH seems to be enabled.


Would any of you have any idea of what's going on and how to fix it?


Thanks for your help


Lee and Brad had similar advice:



Which version of VCSU are you using? I was able to update the OA and VC on a new i2 chassis with no issues using 1.5


How long have you let it go? I don’t really trust the 30 seconds, the update I ran took about 5-6 minutes to get past that step.


Agree with Lee, give it more time than 30 secs.  Also ensure there are IPs associated with the VC-FC modules. Without them you will experience long timeouts followed by a failure to update.


Good for you? Have you been successful in using the VCSU tool? Let us know please!!

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Re: Problem updating with Virtual Connect Support Utility(VCSU)

Did you do a healthcheck first? I would try running vcsu -a healthcheck. It might find some issues. I have also had issues when there are not IP addresses associated with FC interconnect modules. I have not seen a hang though when there are no IP addresses. It just fails to update the FC modules.

Mark E Duhamel