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Promiscuous Mode in VC?

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Promiscuous Mode in VC?

Working on setting up a solution using a Gigamon Device to split up traffic from our F5 to a group of BL620c's.


With the Connect FLex10 Connect Ethernet module, will this work? I'm worried about the promiscuous mode the BL620's need to be in for the capture software to work, and if the VC can assign the nics in that fashion.


Has anyone else done this and succeded? or do I need to factor in DL servers in the solution instead of BL's?




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Re: Promiscuous Mode in VC?



Did you ever get this working?  I am working on a similiar solution with VC and BL680c acting as capture devices.  We're are seeing ack losses on the 680s.

Hongjun Ma
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Re: Promiscuous Mode in VC?

not sure about your setup topology but as of today you can NOT try to have captured traffic send to VC from switch layer and then let VC send it to one of blades.

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