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QMH2762 disappears on RHEL 5.10

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QMH2762 disappears on RHEL 5.10

I need to get this sorted quickly.

I am tasked with migrating several servers from gen6 blades to gen8 blades. With a lot of sweat and blood, I have the cloned buildout completed, but I can't seem to access the FC devices


RedHat 5.10, fairly generic install


Enclosure; C7000 G2, Part # 507019-B21


Blade; BL460 Gen8 System ROM I31 12/20/2013


HBA; QMH2762 16Gb HBA mezzanine cards.

driver hpqlgc-qla2xxx-


I'm connecting though Virtual Connect HP VC switch, which has 8Gb connectivity

The systems are restores of a server backup onto the new hardware. Boot disk is the internal raid, using the cciss driver.


There was no 5.10 version of the driver so I installed the RHEL 5.9 driver from the HP web site. It installed without incident and modprobe loaded it fine. The HBAs appeared on the SAN and disk was presented to it.

Now the HBAs have disappeared. /sys/class/fc_* is empty. When I reload the kernel module the disks are not visible. I don't know if they were visible when first allocated, but I doubt it.


It seems the hpqlgc-qla2xxx.rh5u9 driver is unloading for reason I can't imagine.


the cutover is scheduled for tomorrow, so I'm in a huge time crunch here.


Is there a better driver? I found a rhdd for rhel 5.10, but it looks like I would have to do a manual module install. I guess that's my next step, but that's pretty irregular in this environment.


Do I have to do more than install the kmod-hpqlgc-qla2xxx*.rpm package and run modprobe?


Is it a mismatch between fibre speeds, and do I need to tell the customer that we have the wrong hardware? Seems unlikely, but it's already happened once on this project.