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Question on NC551m and Cisco vPC

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Question on NC551m and Cisco vPC

John had some RFP questions regarding Cisco interoperability:




Hi Folks:


I am responding to an RFP and need to know the following.


When connecting an HP BL460c G6 server using an NC551m to a Cisco Nexus NX 2000, NX 5000 or NX 7000 via 10Gb pass thru modules...

(The primary OS would be Windows 2008 SP2)


1) Does the NC551m CNA adapter support Cisco vPC?


2) If it does, does it support vPC in an Active/Active mode?


3) Does anyone know where I can find a document that indicated the NC551m supports the FCoE-FC-BB-5 standard.

    (It's not in the QuickSpec and I can't find a customer referencable document.)




Lionel replied:




1)      vPC supports the standard IEEE 802.3ad manual mode and LACP negotiation so it’s fully comptible with our NIC teaming driver whatever the adapter is.

2)      Yes it does support Acitve/active as long as they use in between Pass-thru modules with Switch Assisted Load Balancing configured for the NIC teaming

3)      FC-BB-5 is the official well known FCoE standard so they are just asking if our NC551m is FCoE compatible, so yes it is supported.




Other comments? Questions?