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Question on mixing Virtual Connect modules

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Question on mixing Virtual Connect modules

Michael had a customer question:




I have a customer who is deploying a C7000 at a DR site and he would like to have it support multiple generation of VC interconnects and Blades.


The blades he needs to support are:

BL460 G1s with embedded 1 GB NICs and a dual port HBA in Mezz Slot 1

BL680 G5s with embedded 1 GB NICs and a dual port HBA in Mezz Slot 1

BL 460 Gen 8’s with the Flex Fabric LOMs and a dual port HBA in Mezz Slot 1


Since the customer has owned the enclosure for many years, he has several older VC modules but will be upgrading Bays 1 and 2 to VC Flex Fabric.  The VC FF will replace the older VC 1/10GB modules


For interconnects, here is what I suggested:

Bays 1 and 2, VC Flex Fabric Modules.  These will support the 1GB NICs on the older blades as well as the 10 GB Flex NICs on the Gen 8’s

Bays 3 and 4, VC SAN modules.  These are the older 4GB modules that are already deployed.  Being a DR site, the customer does not require 8GB


Does anyone see an issue with this configuration?  I told the customer that he will need to upgrade the latest SPP and that he will have to redo any VC profiles that currently exist.




Reply from Dan:

You need to find out WHICH 4GB VC modules he has.

There were actually 2 models, one has a PN ending in –B21 and the other has a PN ending in –B22.

The B21 models can only go to VC 4.01 I think.


The rest should work fine.

I’ve taken a G1 blade and connected it to a FlexFabric before and has no problems with it communicating.


Input from Hoa:

IMPORTANT: Beginning with VC 3.70, the HP 1/10Gb VC Enet Module (399593-B22) and the

HP 1/10Gb-F VC Enet Module (447047-B21) are no longer supported. Beginning with VC 4.10,

the HP 4Gb VC-FC Module (409513-B21) is no longer supported.