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Questions about Virtual Connect 3.10 User Guide

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Questions about Virtual Connect 3.10 User Guide

Cullen needed some clarification regarding the Virtual Connect 3.10 operation:




In the 3.10 Virtual Connect User Guide, it says:

IMPORTANT: For Virtual Connect v2.1x, the server blade must be powered off for all profile changes if a Flex-10 NIC is installed in the server, and the server is connected to an HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 Module or to an empty bay.


It also lists a series of settings changes that do or do not require the server to be powered down.  This is somewhat worrying language.


So in this scenario:

- The latest release (brand new enclosure with Flex-10 modules in bays 1&2 and G7 blades)

- Server is configured with a profile that defines all NICs and HBA ports


Do I need to turn the server off in order to:

- add a network to a NIC that is already configured for "multiple networks"?

- delete a network from a NIC that is already configured for "multiple networks"?

- change a NIC's assignment from "unassigned" to either a single network or multiple networks?

- change a NIC's assignment from single network to multiple networks?


I understand that the following changes definitely will require powering down the server:

- Assigning a profile to a server

- Unassigning a profile with Flex-10 connections

- Deleting a profile, moving a profile to a different device bay, or unassigning a profile from the existing bay

- PXE enable/disable

- changing the number of connections (adding or removing, not assigning networks to connections)

- changing the VC-assigned serial number

- changing Fibre Channel boot parameters




Chris explained:




Virtual Connect 2.30 introduced DCC, which is the protocol Flex-10 devices use to enable SmartLink, adjust bandwidth and network association per FlexNIC basis.  2.1x didn't have DCC, so there were limitations and restrictions.  With 2.3x and 3.xx, and the required NIC driver/firmware, you do not need to power off a blade to make an adjustment to a FlexNIC.




Does this help? Other questions or comments?