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Remove VirtualConnect from DMS

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Remove VirtualConnect from DMS

Dear readers,


Sometime ago we implemented a SCOM2012 R2 enviroment. At this point we want to monitor our C7000 Blade systems all concerning systems. We installed the DMS/DMC on our Reporting server and the monitoring of the OA seems to be working fine. However, we added and removed several VFlex-Connects. Two of the four are working fine.


When we try to add the other ones, an eventID 400 is logged in the DMS log and DMC says "Unable to add your device". Somehow, in the time we installed DMS/DMC etc. we probably tried a couple things and these two VFlex's aren't showing up in the DMC, but they are registered with it.


Is there anyway we can fix this? Many thanks in advance!


Bastiaan, Groningen, The Netherlands