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Removed VC Domain from VCEM. Looking to change back to VCM MAC/WWN Pools.

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Removed VC Domain from VCEM. Looking to change back to VCM MAC/WWN Pools.

Fred had a customer problem:




I can’t seem to locate a guide that details how to deal with a VC Domain that has been removed from VCEM.  We’ve successfully removed the external manager lock, but the client is unable to make any new profiles since the WWN/MAC pools are from the VCEM not VCM.  VCEM is no longer running in their environment, but we need a way to change the WWN/MAC pools over to VCM sets.  I checked in SAW, but didn’t find anything.


I’m looking if there is a VCEM guide, which describes how to overcome this since VCEM is no longer running and we won’t have the option to select to switch to VCM based pools now?




Info from Fred:




The VCMCLI Reference Guide details on how to remove the external manager on page 27. From your description, it sounds like you didn’t release the address pools when you removed the external-manager. Note that the preferred approach is to use the VCEM “remove from VC Domain Group” operation which will take care of this for you. By shutting down your CMS and using the VCMCLI, you’ve chosen the harder path. But it’s still doable.




And some info from Alok:




I read this in the VCM guide(page 97). Hope this could be of help.


After VC Domain is removed from VC Domain Group in VCEM, profile with

external-managed status cannot be edited through Virtual Connect Manager

This situation occurs when the profile address are not in the released range selected during the remove VC

Domain from VC Domain Group or delete entire VC Domain Group operations. To make changes to such

server profiles, you must bring the VC Domain again to VCEM control and then update the server profile

through the VCEM profile editor.




Any other help for Sam?