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Removing a Virtual Connect Domain completely

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Removing a Virtual Connect Domain completely

Eirik had a VC Domain question:




Hi Experts


We have a customer  currently struggling with removing an exisiting VC-config completely from a blade enclosure he has “inherited” from a project.


Does anyone know how to do this step by step or is there an existing whitepaper of sorts.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.




Brad replied:

Have they tried “Delete Domain” from VCM’s Domain Settings screen?  It would reset VC to factory defaults.  The default Administrator password can be found on the toetag card.


Dave replied:

Deleting the VC Domain leaves it in flash. To clear all, you could pull both modules in bays 1 & 2(assuming management bays) and place them into any open bay. After they power up(2 – 3 minutes), replace them back into 1 & 2. This will reset the domain to factory.


Also you will want to log into the Onboard Administrator and newer versions have a ‘Clear VCMode’ in the reset section.




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